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As the world of cryptocurrency continues to expand, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have become an increasingly popular method for startups and established companies to raise funds. However, with so many ICOs being launched, it can be challenging for companies to stand out and attract investors. That’s where an ICO Marketing Guide service comes in. In this guide, we will explore the key aspects of ICO marketing and how an ICO Marketing Guide service can help your company succeed in the competitive world of ICOs.

racom Uses Essential Marketing Tips

We use some ICO marketing tips to help your project stand out and attract investors.

Develop A Clear Value Proposition

A value proposition is a statement that clearly explains the unique value your project offers to investors. This statement should be simple, concise, and easy to understand. An ICO Marketing Guide service can help you refine your value proposition and communicate it effectively to potential investors.

Engage With Your Community

Building a strong community is critical in creating buzz around your project and attracting investors. An ICO Marketing Guide service can help you engage with your community through social media, forums, and other channels, and create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm around your project.

Build A Strong Brand

Your brand is the face of your project and is critical in attracting investors. A strong brand communicates your project's values, mission, and vision. An ICO Marketing Guide service can help you develop a brand strategy that resonates with your target audience and builds trust with potential investors.

Optimize Your Website

Your website is often the first point of contact potential investors have with your project. An ICO Marketing Guide service can help you optimize your website for conversions and ensure that it communicates your project's value proposition effectively.

Pre-sale ICO or Private sale ICO

Eracom uses pre-sale ICO for fundraising event that held before the main ICO. It is usually use to target at a small group of investors, such as high-net-worth individuals, venture capitalists, and institutional investors. Main usage of a pre-sale ICO is to raise initial funding and to generate interest in the project. Pre-sale investors typically receive a significant discount on the token price and often have additional benefits, such as exclusive access to the project’s development updates.

Post-Sale ICO Or Public Sale ICO

Eracom works on post-sale ICO to raise additional funds for the project and to distribute the tokens to a wider audience. Post sale ICO is the primary fundraising event open to the public. During the post-sale ICO, the project’s tokens are made available for purchase to anyone who wishes to invest. The price of the tokens is typically higher than during the pre-sale ICO, and the investment minimums are usually lower.

White paper creation

Eracom create white papers to showcase your thought leadership, industry knowledge, or product capabilities to your target audience.
For better creation we follow some steps as:

  • Defining the problem or topic to be addressed in the white paper
  • Researching and gathering relevant data, statistics, and expert opinions
  • Analyzing the data and identifying key insights and trends
  • Outlining the paper’s structure and content, including an executive summary, introduction, body, and conclusion
  • Writing and editing the paper, ensuring that it is clear, concise, and well-supported by data and research
  • Designing and formatting the paper, including adding graphics and images to enhance its visual appeal and readability
  • Reviewing and revising the paper as needed based on feedback from internal and external stakeholders
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