Money Transfer Software


Money remittance software development

Remittance software is a helpful tool that transfers money between companies, and individuals. The benefit of a money transfer software system is the secure transfer of any currency, with no dependency on whether to pay an invoice or move funds among subsidiaries. Eracom provides an overall solution for the best security of transfers.

Advantages Of Money Transfer Software Development

Money transfer software development provides easy, fast, and secure transactions for national and international payments.


Simple method to transfer cash as it provides a better interest rate or ensures funds get ready in the event of an emergency.


Simple to use by login with username and password to easily surf an account including face recognition and finger impression for security concerns.

High Speed

Money can be transferred the right way in a while which makes your transactions fast and reliable resulting in saving time.

Easily Track

Easily track transactions that are pending or have been done and the best method to see previous or present transactions securely with account details.


Easily secure your transactions possible

As technology is getting more advanced day by day, people prefer to transact digitally. We take special attention to customer security and provide better facilities that can make you feel safe. We work with easy surfing and maintaining software.

  • Gather information from users about their problems and provide answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Allow clients to carry their money on their smartphone or smartwatch for easy online shopping.

Features Of Money Transfer Software Application

  • Supports the transfer of money including fund transfers to a bank account using personal and banking details or money transfer to the bank card using card details.
  • Combine with local service providers to offer utility bill payments, mobile top-ups, or any other popular payments.
  • Build your product based on blockchain or leverage artificial intelligence.
  • Great alternative to bank accounts as it connects a person’s account with a mobile number.
  • Making it possible for users to swap currencies makes cross-border transactions more important than ever.
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